Having a loved one in jail may be devastating. You might feel as if you are all alone in your efforts to have them released from prison. Fortunately, you are not alone. Family members frequently seek the assistance of attorneys to assist their loved ones with gaining parole. We at Jana Harris Law in Atlanta, Georgia does just that.

The Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles has the final say on whether or not a prisoner will be released early. Unlike a trial, where a defendant has the option to present evidence and testify, parole judgments are usually based on factors such as the crime’s gravity, the convict’s criminal history, and time served.

How Can I Get My Loved One Parole?

If your loved one is convicted of a felony in the state of Georgia, he or she will be eligible for parole after a third of his or her sentence has been served. The Parole Eligibility Date, or “PED,” is the date on which an inmate becomes eligible for release.

The Parole Board will look at your loved one’s file, which will include information from police, the prosecution, court officials, the Georgia Department of Corrections, and possible victims. Unfortunately, both you and your loved one will not be permitted to speak in front of the Parole Board.

Should I Hire A Parole Attorney To Help My Family Member?

Hiring an experienced parole lawyer in Georgia is the quickest way to get your loved one out of jail. An experienced attorney can give information about your relative’s existence that may help persuade the Georgia parole board.

The ultimate aim of the board is to ensure that the individual in question is ready to re-enter society and has stability and adequate support to prevent him or her from committing similar crimes. While a lawyer is not required for parole consideration it is highly recommended that you obtain representation as one may assist your loved one in numerous ways such as ensuring that accurate, up-to-date, and good information is included to increase their chances of release. Parole lawyers work to show the board your loved one deserves to be released and restart their life.

What are the Benefits of Speaking with a Parole Attorney?

Working with a parole attorney in Georgia has several benefits. For example, they will be familiar with the parole process, understand how the parole board operates, and will fight for your loved ones’ right to freedom before the panel. In addition, they will research your family member’s case and determine if he or she qualifies for any post-conviction relief options.

Need a Georgia Parole Attorney to Negotiate Your Loved One’s Release from Prison? We Can Help

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