October 18, 2023


Ms Harris

Name: Harris, Jana Lauren
Practice In:
Business Law, Insurance, Estate Lawsuit & Dispute Litigation
Law Firm: Jana Harris Law
Location: 3151 Maple Drive, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30305 Directions
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Jana Lauren Harris began her employment career in a criminal defense law firm even prior to attending law school. She knew her dream early
in her work life. After only a couple of years assisting in a number of tough criminal trials, she chose law school. She has been involved with Garland, Samuel and Loeb, over twenty-five years, interrupted only by an internship with trial attorney F. Lee Bailey early in her career, and several years practicing with her brilliant trial lawyer husband (now deceased) in New England. Atlanta was always her home and she returned to the firm after his passing.

She had an early passion for the fight against false allegations in criminal cases and the fight for individual freedoms, working with Ed Garland on some of his most notable trials, such as the case against Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, and Atlanta rapper, T.I. (Clifford Harris), as well as handling her own case load and experiencing numerous victories. Just last year, she was instrumental in gaining an acquittal on five counts on behalf of a physician federally charged with allegations of sexual assault by a patient – allegations that turned out to be false. Jana has focused a lot of her attention and practice on similar cases involving rape, sexual assault, child molestation and other sexual offenses that might have elements of a false allegation or other aspects that disprove these often devastating allegations. She has had success is dissuading prosecutions of rape charges, statutory rape charges and many other sexual offenses as charged.

During the course of her years of criminal trial work, she became acutely aware of the importance of jury selection in a trial and studied with some of the preeminent jury selection experts in the country to make this work one of her focus areas also. She has conducted and participated in numerous mock trials and focus groups in order to gain insight into juror attitudes and perceptions in both civil and criminal cases.

In addition, she represents anyone charged with a crime in the State and Federal system. She and other members of Garland, Samuel and Loeb also focus on those injured in serious accidents or other injury.

Ms. Harris has been active for a number of years in representing inmates in their dealings with the Board of Pardons and Paroles in Georgia, and has had numerous success stories of early parole.

She is an active member of the Atlanta Bar Association, the Georgia Bar Association, the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Association of Trial Consultants.

Jana was born in the South, although she has resided in New England and in Florida – she always considers the South home. She is active in servicing high schools where she speaks to help prevent teenage suicide, and is also a zealous advocate for the mentally impaired. She is active in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She is also a frequent public speaker to Bar Association groups and Women’s groups on the criminal defense system and jury issues.

Honors/ Awards:

  • National Bar Relations Award;
  • Officer’s Award, State Bar of Georgia;
  • Officer, Entertainment Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia, four years;
  • Special Appointment by Governor to the Advisory Board on the Entertainment Industry in Georgia.

Notable Cases:

  • Obtained dismissal of several charges of statutory rape and sexual assault after proof of false allegations
  • Obtained acquittal of local doctor charged multiple sexual assault charges
  • Dismissal of murder charge against client after battle concerning DNA
  • Probated Federal drug indictments including gun and conspiracy charges
  • Dismissal of drug indictment due to severe pain and nature of defendant’s Cancerous condition and self­ medication
  • Assisted in defense of Ray Lewis, Ravens Linebacker
  • Also counsels numerous entertainers and entertainment companies in light of her past experience in entertainment law

Her practice areas are:

  • Criminal Defense – State and Federal, with focus on sexual offenses
  • Plaintiff’s Litigation
  • Entertainment Law
  • Serves as Trial Consultant and Jury Consultant