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Navigating the legal system can be frustrating and seem impossible at times for people. Attorney Jana Harris has been dedicated to her work as a lawyer for over twenty-five years, solving many types of legal problems. She has made important contacts and learned the effort and specific knowledge it takes to truly assist someone after a criminal conviction. She has the expertise to advise you what can be done, and provides you honest, clear communication on the path in order to reach a successful result.

Skilled Legal Advice Throughout The State of Georgia

We have experience throughout the entire State of Georgia. We have a thorough understanding of what avenues can be opened for post-conviction relief, whether it be a Motion to Reduce a Sentence, a Petition to the Parole Board, or other step in order to gain a better post-conviction result. This comes from years of experience, knowledge of court and parole board personnel, as well as expertise in the laws and regulations that apply. With professional integrity, clear and direct communication and honest, practical solutions offered, Jana Harris Law will provide you with solutions and walk you through the process. She goes the extra mile for her clients to help them get the best possible results in the following practice areas:

  • Parole Cases
  • Post Conviction – State & Federal
  • Removal From Sexual Offender Registry

Jana Harris Law prides itself on developing real connections with clients. We put complex legal issues into language that you can easily understand. We work hard to help our clients in every situation. We treat clients with respect and spend time to make sure that they fully understand the process they are going through.

When you need counsel on a major, life-impacting decision, you deserve an attorney who will listen to you, thoroughly examine the facts, and provide the best possible solution for you and your future.

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For years, we have advocated for our clients in all areas of the State of Georgia. There’s no need to handle these difficult matters of law all alone. Get the legal advice, counsel, and representation you need. Contact Jana Harris Law in all areas of the State of Georgia for a consultation. We can help you decide which course of action will serve your best interests.

Jana Harris Law Client Testimonials

“I was facing a lot of time in prison and due to Jana Harris’ contacts and respectful name at the parole board, I was able to get out much earlier than anyone would have ever believed.
Many will tell you that a parole lawyer isn’t worth it but from first hand experience Jana Harris is worth. Every. Penny.

Thank you Jana for everything you have done for me and my family. My freedom is all due to you.”

– Jacob Rybak

“I would like to highly recommend Ms. Harris to anyone in need of a criminal defense lawyer. I was falsely accused of a crime and facing serious consequences that left me mortified, but Ms. Harris helped me maintain my composure throughout the process with her compassion, sensitivity, knowledge and professionalism. She kept me well-informed at every stage of the proceedings, and I never had a doubt that she knew what she was doing. It was clear that she was well-respected by her peers and in the end, she was able to have the case dismissed. I would most definitely use Ms. Harris again in the future for any of my legal needs.”

– Anonymous

“My family wants to thank you for your tireless work on his behalf. It has been a whirlwind since he has been home, and we love it!”

– P.C.

“I just want to that thank you for everything you did to bring my boyfriend home. You stuck with it! We are doing so well living as we should and we will be married – all because of you!”

– S&J

“After searching and spending time over and over again, we finally found a true professional with Ms. Jana. Our son had been incarcerated in GA , yet he lives in NC. She was able to help shorten his time, although we had wasted valuable time looking for someone to do what she not only promised but actually fulfilled!
If you have a loved one who has worked to expedite their release with the points they have earned through education, good behavior and following the rules expected for them to follow, waste no more time or money searching for the Attorney who will do all she promises you. My husband and I are delighted that we will see our son sooner thanks to Jana Harris.”

– Becky Garrett

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