October 20, 2022


         At Jana Harris Law, we do more than just fight for your freedom. We work together with you and your families. We strive to speak on your behalf and work tirelessly to bring you relief and release from prison. We have represented and helped many individuals obtain release from incarceration over the past several decades. Our firm understands the difficulty of being incarcerated and how it effects your family and loved ones, as well as you. We, at Jana Harris Law are experienced at helping you to navigate the parole system in Georgia. We will walk together with you and help you to get the best decision possible. Over the years, we have advocated for hundreds of clients just like you before the Georgia Parole Board and have helped our clients receive many favorable outcomes.

Several decades ago, we began to focus on parole law. We observed that the criminal justice system was often one-sided against convicted defendants. These convicted defendants could not speak for themselves and desperately needed someone to speak for them. At Jana Harris Law, we speak for our clients who are incarcerated. We have fought for and advocated for many clients who have come home to their families. While you are on this website, read our client testimonials. You will see real examples of what we do. With a helping hand, we can make a difference in your life and guide you through the most difficult time of your life.